NCC Group is proud to be an ioXt Authorized Lab, providing third-party certification for companies prioritizing the security and integrity of their IoT products.

Certification through NCC Group

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Our lab team's background is rooted in product development, knowing how to build embedded devices and understanding the practical realities you face as a developer.

We tailor our post-testing recommendations to the constraints you're facing.

Why get certified through NCC Group?

Build consumer confidence in your device security through our user-focused security recommendations.

Maintain credibility within your ecosystem knowing your ioXt Certification by NCC Group includes more depth than a typical surface-level or self-assessment.

Protect your users and your brand by taking the first step of your product security journey with hardware security experts who can advise on security beyond certification

Keep your sales channels informed of the commitment to your product’s integrity by working with a global security-focused certification lab.

As part of the ioXt Security Pledge, our security experts will test your devices against at least the following eight categories:

  • No Universal Passwords
  • Secured Interfaces
  • Proven Cryptography
  • Security by Default
  • Signed Software Updates
  • Automatic Updates
  • Vulnerability Reporting Program
  • Security Expiration Date

Global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation.

Your Business

Our dedicated technical account management team will work with you to understand what you need to protect your business.

Our Solutions

Regardless of where you are in your security journey, we have a solution to help keep you secure and compliant.

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Our 1,800 technologists and professionals around the world are focused on one thing—how to help our customers keep their business safe and secure.